Collapses to a small pocket sized disc that is perfect for travel, skiers, hikers, surfers, those on the go.

Each time you use CRUMPLE  you are reducing the waste created by disposable cups that go to landfill, helping planet Earth stay clean whilst keeping our forests stay alive. 

Our designers have merged sustainability with cutting edge design for a perfect daily grind experience.  Seamless design has created Australia's loved urban travel cup. 

Take CRUMPLE anywhere, it's the perfect accessory for those on the go. 

Small and lightweight, fits into all kinds of small places.  

Unlike other reusable cups, CRUMPLE is leak proof under normal use, and holds the heat of your hot drink. 

Silicone is made from a mixture of bonded silicon and oxygen. Silicon is a naturally occurring element, making up 28% of the earth's crust. Silicone is tolerant of both heat and cold, and can be used in the oven at temperatures up to 200 degrees celsius. It is inert and doesn't emit fumes, leach harmful chemicals into food or drink, or pose any health risks according to the FDA (Federal Drug Administration).

^ Please be aware, whilst the cup is intended to be leak proof and therefore doesn't have an air hole and some suction may be experienced if taking large sips. For this reason, we recommend taking smaller sips to avoid the suction effect.
*  Please do not squeeze the silicone cup when it contains liquid as the lid may pop open from pressure.
* We use vegan ink, therefore, there may be some fading in the logo after several washes. If you do not want this to happen, please do not "scrub" the area of the cup where the logo sits. 
** When closing the suction lid, please hold the sturdy plastic component at the neck of the cup to ensure cup stability. 
*** Please use your new CRUMPLE with care. Whilst it is made to endure daily collapsing and expanding, you must do so gently with care as it is made from soft silicone. You must not pierce it with nails or sharp objects as it will split. 
CRUMPLE®, is made in China, using sustainable practices with low carbon footprint.