Co-founders Irina and Lilly, a mother and daughter team whose love affair with organic and sustainable living began a few years back when some serious health challenge pushed us to make some life empowering changes.

Last year, after watching The War on Waste, we became concerned about the situation of waste pollution in Australia. A major contributor of pollution are disposable coffee cups, 1 billion of which, go to landfill each year in Australia.  This creates methane and CO2 gases to be emitted into the air, creating toxic air pollution. We wondered why more people weren't using a reusable coffee cup, and after lots of research, we found there were 3 main challenges in the conventional reusable cups. They leak, are bulky, and breakable when made of glass and can contain harmful carcinogens when made of plastic, despite being BPA free.

We became very passionate about finding the solution, and came up with our iLoveEarth collapsible coffee cup (now rebranded to CRUMPLE). Made from 100% chemical free, heat safe, food and medical grade silicone, the CRUMPLE cups collapse into a small portable disc. 

It costs the environment $36 to produce 200 disposable cups  versus $0.98c to produce 1 Silicone cup and wash it 200 times! 

Which would you choose?

We believe in sustainable and biodegradable packaging and products, so we try minimise packaging waste!

Let's clean up Australia, one cup at a time!