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I'm Lilly, the co-founder of this awesome brand. My mum and I launched it 2 years ago after we'd become super concerned about the dramatic effect that single use coffee cups and plastic bottles had on our environment.

"It's only ONE cup said eight billion people"

We've heard that over and over again, haven't we - "I can't make a real difference" or "I'm just one person, what can I really do to make a genuine difference to the world" or "what I do won't change anything" or "it's too late".

Sure, it's the easiest way to take the responsibility off ourselves and onto someone bigger, like a big bad Corporation or our local Council or the evil Government. But no, it takes human beings like you or me, to build the foundation of our globe. To make a real change. Imagine the effect you could have by simply changing your habits. Imagine the ripple effect you could have by sharing your passion with your family or friends and then the wider community.

Unfortunately we are at the crux of an environmental catastrophe on a global scale. Some say it can't be undone, but after the researching the facts, the Science and speaking to experts in the field, it's not too late. We won't bore you with the scientific facts, which most of you know anyway about how devastating the effects are from 16 billion disposable cups ending up in landfill each year. We won't bore you with the scary toxic methane and CO2 gases which are emitted into the air we breath and we won't bore you with how that affects our ecosystem, not to mention the kinds of degenerative diseases that these toxic gases may cause us. We won't bore you with all those frightening facts.  

Instead we'll tell you why we did what we did. Being yogis & mountain explorers, Mum and I have tried to find a solution for the bulky cup that smashes when falls, or that is made from questionable material. We  decided that the best way we could make a difference whilst solving our problem and the globe's was to actualise a cup that could convert the take-away coffee drinker  into making the right choice. Sure, there are gazillions of reusable cups on the market you say. But most of them not very useful for those on the go, the travellers, the riders, the adventurers, the space conscious and many of them (apart from glass and stainless steel) are made from materials that leach toxic chemicals when heated. So we decided that we'd develop something cool, convenient,  healthy and perfect for any journey that life takes you on.

Our eco cups and bottles are made from food grade, natural silicone that can safely be heated to 220 degrees celsius and is travel safe, kid friendly and portable.

It costs the environment $36 to produce 200 disposable cups  versus $0.98c to produce 1 Silicone cup and wash it 200 times! 

Now you choose! disposable or reusable?