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Antiviral Throat and Mouth Spray

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Powerful Anti Viral Throat and Mouth Spray. This potent antiviral solution may be used to protect and treat against cold and flu, as well as having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can be used against infections in the mouth, throat and skin.

Perfect against viral infections that affect the upper and lower respiratory tract. This spray may double up as a hand sanitiser.

Directions: Spray mouth and throat 3 to 4 times daily, 3 sprays each use, directly into the mouth. Swish this solution in the mouth and around the throat area for one to two minutes. You will notice white foam building up, this is a reactive process of the hydrogen peroxide building up oxygen in the mouth and reacting with saliva. Once you are done swishing, spit the remaining solution out. You may rinse with water only after one to two minutes. Contains: distilled water, 1.5% food grade hydrogen peroxide, sodium chloride, peppermint essential oil*, lime essential oil*, no added fillers *certified organic

Made in Australia by Refuah Apothecary